First Impressions count most – Start with your front door

They say you get only one chance to make a first impression! When applying this to our homes, the front door therefore needs to be inviting, make a statement and provide a suggestion to what may lie within.

We realise that during lockdown, the only people seeing your front door are the delivery guys, but this too, shall pass soon and we will be back to welcoming our friends and family again with a big hug!

So Get ready! Here are a few tips to make a statement of your front door:Entrances and first impressions

  1. Bring the indoors out and set the tone. Tempt your visitors and guests with what they may expect inside. A clean house, especially the main entrance, attracts positive energy so avoid keeping dustbins, broken chairs or stools, near the main door. Have a shoe basket to neatly ensure these are tucked away.
  2. Use wall space to hang a special piece of art or simple wall decorations like a natural garland or wreath, wire heart or mosaics – whatever is personal to you. It’s also fun to add a quirky plant to the left or right of the door. Plants add an organic element that is calming and cooling.
  3. Home-made house numbers can also be a fun way to add a playful touch to your front door. Make your own number in mosaic, or if that’s too much work, buy traditional brass numbers or design your number and have it laser cut.
  4. Have a seat! If you cannot put a seat/stool or a small bench outside your front door, consider putting one in your entrance. It is always nice to have a place to remove your shoes or for the delivery guy to sit down while he waits for you to open the door!
  5. Paint your front door or at least entrance and the architraves a strong colour to attract attention. Red, yellow or pink if you dare and if you follow feng shui principles, the right colour of your door according to which way it is facing, is believed to determine good luck. South-facing doors should therefore be painted red or orange, north-facing doors should be blue or black, west-facing doors are best grey or white, and east-facing doors will be lucky with brown or green.
  6. Because lighting is so important, definitely consider making a feature of the wall lights – add some oversized wall lights or up/down lights for a more modern effect on each side of your front door to frame the area and throw beautiful light in the evenings.