Me time ideas – Create a special corner in your home

We all need our space, so in this post, we discuss how one can create a special corner, (or room), in your home that each can use for spending valuable “me time”.

Your ME Corner - Me time ideasIn this day and age, where we are all so busy interacting with family, friends and colleagues all the time that it’s important to carve out a little “me” time every now and then. As designers, we often advise our clients to design a space where they can relax and feel everything is just as they like it as it’s only then, that we can relax.

Everyone should have a relaxing room or corner in their homes but sometimes it is not easy to each have our own space and so we need to get creative and provide the best solution possible by making a corner that is versatile enough to suit various needs and ensure that it is cozy, warm, comfortable and adaptable to each family member. Some of us like to read, some like to meditate, some like to listen to their music or favourite podcast so allow for all these and respect each others’ needs.

Here are some tips if you would like to create your own relaxing corner:

1/ Choose the right seat, whether it is an armchair, a day bed, an ottoman, a hammock , some floor cushions or a hanging chair, it has to be super comfortable!

2/ Position a small side table or stool next to your seat where you can place a mug, books, a speaker, or your favourite scented candle.

3/ Preferably choose a space with lots of natural light or good reading light.

4/ Surround the area with plants to make your relaxation spot feel close to nature and to separate it from the rest of the room.

5/ We are heading into winter now, so make sure you have one of those warm comforters or throws at hand.

6/ Have your favourite scented candle or your essential oil diffuser nearby. It will create a peaceful environment and will provide an inner sense of calm – our favourite relaxing oils are Lavender, ylang ylang, frankincense and bergamot.

Sit down, relax and breathe!