Artwork to lighten the mood

Lighten the mood with these Swartland Inspired prints by Jenny Parsons

If you have a corner of your home or study that needs brightening up or lacks visual interest we have the perfect collection for you from South Africa Artist Jenny Parsons. Inspired by the rural landscape of the Swartland, these prints of the originals are on Epson Archival pigment inks on Epson Cold Press 300 gram 100% cotton paper.

Normally priced at R3,000 + delivery, if you buy through us, you can get them at R2,700 each. These editions are limited to 5 prints and each print is numbered, titled and signed by the artist and the prints are very easy to roll and send via courier, anywhere in South Africa so get your hands on these limited edition prints today by contacting us here.

J parsons R3000 prints

About the artist:

Jenny Parsons is an urban landscape painter working mostly in oil on canvas and chalk pastel.
Parsons says of her practice, “A landscape painting is not merely a visual representation of the world. It is a metaphor for the human condition, in all its mystery. I paint to try to make sense of the fragility of our world, the passing of time, and our shared experiences of light, air, colour and space”.

We especially love her use of colour in these paintings. We all know that colour effects our emotions and feelings and in Winter, bringing some colour into a dark corner can have incredibly powerful mood enhancing effects. Yellow is considered a cheerful and energetic colour to boost metabolism and encourage happiness and positivity. Yellow can also be mentally stimulating, and activates memory so is good in small doses for an office. Brown can make a person feel orderly and stable, whilst orange is refreshing, energetic, and sparks creativity. It also symbolises health and rejuvenation so these prints are the perfect feel-good solution; real retail therapy! If you are interested in colour psychology read more about it here