House Plant Ideas

If you love your plants and especially your house plants, being in lockdown is maybe the best time to try to propagate.

House Plant Ideas

There are many methods of recreating a new version of an “old friend” and you can find enough literature on this subject online, but remember that house plants WANT to be propagated. You are not forcing them into something they don’t want.

Although you can’t expect a 100% success rate, propagating succulents for example, is super easy and rewarding!

So if you would like to give it a go, remember those golden rules:

  1. Be patient – NO ROOTS , NO SHOOTS
  2. Use fresh compost or freshwater (if rooting using water)
  3. Be attentive to your plants.

In this time of lockdown and uncertainty about the future, it is a very calming and mindful thing to do.