Scatter cushions and why they ARE so important

So by now you know we wouldn’t be interior designers and stylists if we didn’t love scatter cushions!

The things we like about scatter cushions and why they are important:

Scatter cushion ideas

  1. They can transform the look of a sofa or a bed but also the whole room depending on how and where they are placed and what colours are used to tie in the rest of the room
  2. They are an inexpensive way of refreshing a room for a new season or whenever you feel like your home needs it! You can change your scatter cushions more easily than your sofa!
  3. A creative arrangement of pillows and cushions can really be like a mini work of art! You can mix and match patterns and stripes, geometrics and florals and go completely crazy

So why not give this little exercise a try?

Scatter cushion mis and matchIf you can’t get to the shops, (due to lock down for example), put all the cushions you have together on the floor and try and see if you can recreate a new arrangement for your different rooms.

Although we don’t want to give you strict guidelines to follow, it is always good to consider these scatter cushion tips:

  1. Pick a colour palette and stick to it
  2. Start with the darker tones and work towards the lighter tones
  3. Layer your cushions! To add more interest into your interior scheme; we love layering!
  4. To do this, position your biggest cushions at the back and the smaller ones in the front and play with different shapes
  5. Pattern and texture..don’t be shy, mix and match Velvet with Silk, Stripes with Flowers, checked fabric, bold florals. The only rule is to keep in line with your colour palette
  6. Ideally we like to recommend odd numbers for your cushion arrangements, as it is visually pleasing but once again, adapt to what you have at hand and your budget!