Sustainable, natural, homemade table decoration ideas.

Sustainable, natural, homemade table decoration ideas for every occasion – why not do something different this Easter?

Experimenting with natural, organic table decorations is not only kinder on the environment and therefore more eco-friendly, but it also allows us to be more aware of what is around us. So,bring the outside inside, this Easter.

These table decorations will not only spark up interesting conversations but they will make everyone feel good about themselves and you will avoid the usual drain on your Easter budget.

Saying that, making your own table decorations can sometimes be a little daunting if creativity doesn’t come naturally to you and you certainly don’t wish to turn this into an expensive exercise but you do want to inexpensively experiment with creativity so here are some ideas that you may want to experiment with this Easter to impress your guests by using some simple, easy to replicate and sustainable, environmentally friendly ideas.

Where to start

Always begin your table setting with what is happening in the middle of your table and then work outwards. If your table is square, round or oblong, an impressive centrepiece is what you need. Be sure to leave space for the food though. If your table is longer, a number of smaller centrepieces, placed along a contrasting central runner, always sets the scene very nicely.

From the middle work outwards. You may choose to position some delicate home-made tea light holders scattered around your centrepiece or moving outwards along the runner in between your smaller centrepiece decorations.

What to use for your centrepiece

Because the trend is moving more and more towards botanical interiors and botanical table settings, (and because we want to give you more sustainable, eco-friendly and inexpensive ideas) why not experiment with foliage instead of expensive flowers? Foliage and greenery is easier on the budget and just as beautiful.

There are no rules here, so anything from fynbos to pine cones, dry sticks and twigs or long grasses can work well. Succulents too, have become so popular for their non-wilting, durable properties and unusual trend setting shapes, colours and quirkiness. You don’t even need vases for succulents as they will last without water for an eternity.

The beauty is that these are all so easy to find inexpensively at your local florist, within your own, or even your friends garden!

What do use for your place settings

When it comes to individual place settings you can then get even more creative because you can decorate each plate individually.

Try large palm leaves, delicious monster plant leaves with their Swiss Cheese like patterns or even ferns underneath a clear glass plate or for a more delicate touch, grab a few lavender or rosemary sprigs from the garden placed onto each plate and tucked into a beautifully textured linen napkin or even tea-towel.

For a more traditional Easter look find some small old terracotta pots in your garden shed, white wash them with watered down white paint and fill them with raffia and hard boiled (or chocolate) eggs for the children to enjoy.

We wish you a beautiful, simple Happy Easter.

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