Bathroom Styling

Styling bathrooms is always quite fun for interior designers but often, whilst it looks amazing for the photo shoot, it then becomes quite impractical to use in “real life”!

Styling your bathroom

So you have to consider those 2 scenarios:

  1. The entire family share the same bathroom
  2. You have your own bathroom

In the first case, we strongly advise that you keep the styling minimal, although minimal doesn’t have to mean boring!

Here are a few things you can do:

  1. Invest in a luxurious bath mat and matching towels to create a sense of unity in the bathroom
  2. Avoid styling around the bath, especially if you have young kids around
  3. If you have a double basin vanity, use the central space to create your “centre piece” arrangement.

Your focus centrepiece for example, could be a tray on which you have a few facecloths rolled neatly for the family, a beautiful soap dish with a deliciously attractive bar of soap. Try to invest in a selection good small handmade soaps that smell divine, last super long, and are earth-friendly! If you still have space, accompany the arrangement with a small plant.

If you have your own bathroom, then you can let your inner god or goddess run wild!

Style your bathroom!

  1. Definitely consider styling a bath tray with a scented candle, a beautiful soap dish and a good quality soap!
  2. Add a stool on which you can position a beautiful green houseplant (check that your plant is suitable for the bathroom and make sure it gets enough light, otherwise you will reduce the life expectancy of the plant. If you are short of space, try hanging a cascading plant from a ceiling hook which creates a wonderful feature over a bath. Just make sure it’s not going to get in the way of bumping heads.
  3. Consider adding a beautiful rug if you have enough space away from any water. It will bring a sense of warmth and luxury to your bathroom.
  4. Add free standing furniture or antique wall unit, like a display cabinet for your cosmetics, fragrances or your towels. You don’t have to stick to standard mirrored white bathroom units! Try a small kiest on which you can display a pile of nice magazines or beautiful coffee table books.

In other words your bathroom should become just another room in the house to decorate and express yourself. Just have fun with it!