Space planning consultancy call-out services

Space planning consultancy call-out services for those considering buying a new home.

If you are planning to buy a new home and have found the potentially, perfect property in the perfect location but are unsure whether the existing floor plan and layout works for your living requirements, you should definitely consider our services before writing it off and looking for something else.

Your experienced real estate agent is bound to give you lots of good ideas, but if you’d like to take it one step further and get the opinion of an independent design specialist, we can provide you with the guidance you will need to make an informed decision.

Often people lack the confidence in visualising (and budgeting for), the changes they would like to make to the layout of the rooms, and struggle to see the real potential of a cluttered space, and this is where our affordable space planning consultancy, call-out services come into play.

We will walk through the home with you and share all our ideas for re-designing the floor plan and layout without any further obligations towards contracting us in the future to manage your renovation.

Purchasing a new property is a massive life decision, but if you are unsure of how best to take advantage of the space, (and at what cost), to suit your needs, you may over-estimate the cost of potential renovations and in turn miss out on that perfect home, for the sake of a small investment towards an expert consultation. Others also use our design consultancy services when they simply require a fresh input into their existing lay-outs and colour schemes who then wish to implement the project themselves or call us in (when and if needed), during the building process.

Don’t let your fear and inability to visualise the end result, give you cold feet!

Our design consultancy call-out services;

  • Our R1500 1 hour walk-through – We will come up with new ideas for improving the layout of the current space into something that works better with your requirements and living patterns. There are no obligations for contracting us to do further work. You will be expected to take your own notes.
  • The walk-through can optionally be followed up, (at extra cost), with a simple report outlining ideas discussed, alongside a rough budget for the works, to help your decision making process before committing to an expensive renovation.

If you are interested in booking our space planning consultancy call-out services, please click the button below and help us by answering a few questions so that we know what you are trying to achieve before we visit.

It’s a small fee for a whole lot of knowledge and experience, tips and advice – we won’t hold back with ideas!

PLEASE NOTE that locations outside of a 20 km radius from Strand, could incur travel costs