Photo stylist services & home staging for “Airbnb-ready” results

Real Estate agents and holiday homeowners often require the services of a photo stylist to prepare a space for a photo-shoot for commercial, web or print promotion purposes.

Our services are also invaluable for guest-houses, holiday homes, hotels & restaurants to promote their establishments.

We work together with the photographer to ensure the rooms are photographed in their best possible light bringing the spaces to life with “lifestyle” shots to feed the imagination.

We also offer a home staging consultancy service to prepare your home in a way that shows off your property at it’s best for potential investors.

Examples of photo styling include the making of a “photo-shoot-ready” bed ensuring there are no creases in the linen and that there are no unsightly electric cables in the shoot, that there are flowers on the table, fireplaces are lit, wine glasses are filled and props are carefully placed to bring the space to life.

The Detail

Initial kick-starter meeting online or on site. It’s great for getting started, sharing your challenges and drawing on our experience. We will answer and gather as many questions as we can in the time provided and make suggestions and recommendations accordingly for the next steps.


Our kick-starter consultancy services start at R1,500 for 1 hour. Our online meetings give you a further 30 minutes of follow-up calls.

Photo Stylist services start at R2,500 for a half day and R3,500 for a full day

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