Home design Consultations & Space Planning Services

Our Home design & space planning consultancy services are offered to those who simply require a fresh input for improving their existing lay-outs and arrangement of furniture or for those who require a complete redesign of the space.

If you feel that the existing layout of the rooms in your home could be improved on to better suit your living requirements there may be options for rezoning the space. It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive in relation to the reward it will bring to your everyday life.

You may wish to manage your own renovation but lack the required design & space planning skills to get started and this is where we can help.
The flow from space to space or room to room plays a really important role in how content you feel at home going about your daily activities so a small investment in careful planning can go a long way.

Careful consideration of the layout of the room can often improve traffic flow and add appeal to an otherwise awkward and uninteresting layout. Space planning also becomes critical for smaller spaces and we are often contracted to assist in the pre-build phase working alongside the architects to offer an alternative perspective on the original house design and layout of rooms.

If you lack the confidence in visualising (and budgeting for) the changes you would like to make to the layout of the rooms this is where our affordable space planning consultancy, call-out services come into play.

Alternatively fresh input might be required into your interiors and colour schemes. We offer both, as well as project managing the entire renovation from conception to sourcing, designing custom furniture & units, kitchens, soft interiors, décor, equipment & simple gardens. We work with both residential and small commercial projects.

The Detail

Initial kickstarter meeting online or on site. It’s great for getting started, sharing your challenges and drawing on our experience. We will answer and gather as many questions as we can in the time provided and make suggestions and recommendations accordingly for the next steps.


Our kick-starter consultancy services start at R1,500 for 1 hour. Our online meetings give you a further 30 minutes of follow-up calls.

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