Design Consultancy Services

Our design consultancy services are offered to those who may wish to manage their own interior design project but lack the required design & space planning skills or need guidance on improving the design and layout of their home.

Alternatively, our affordable call out design consultancy services work well for those considering purchasing a new property but are unsure of how best they could change the space (and at what cost) to suit their needs.

Design Consultancy servicesMany of our clients use our design consultancy services when they simply require a fresh input into their existing lay-outs and color schemes who then wish to implement the project themselves or call us in (when and if needed), during the building process.

We are passionate about sharing our expertise so that you feel confident to get on with your project.

Our design consultancy service includes:

  • Garden design consultancy
  • Soft interior consultancy
  • Electric and lighting consultancy
  • Space planning consultancy

All our design consultancy services start at R1,500 for a 1 hour walk through. Whether you are planning to buy a property or simply wish to make changes to your existing home, we will come up with new ideas for improving the layout of the current space into something that works better with your requirements and living patterns. 

The walk through can be followed up with a simple report outlining ideas discussed alongside a rough budget for the works to help your decision making process before committing to an expensive renovation.

It’s a small fee for a whole lot of knowledge and experience, tips and advice – we won’t hold back with ideas!

Cost depends on the scope of works and the time spent on site but speak to us and let’s chat.

Make an inquiry here and let’s chat!