Construction Management

Our construction management services provide you with a project manager who is responsible for overseeing the building of commercial or residential structures in order to make sure the construction project stays on track.

These are the typical stages in any construction project:

Construction management and project management

  1. Design
  2. Pre-Construction
  3. Procurement
  4. Construction and Building
  5. Commissioning
  6. Installation
  7. Project close-out

Good planning at the beginning and anticipation of contingencies will help the entire process go much more smoothly. We cover everything from conceptualisation through to implementation. Our construction management services provide you peace of mind and stress free project realisation. We will take full responsibility for managing contractors & suppliers & coordinating all sub contractors for timely & stress-free construction of re-builds, new builds & complete renovations of both residential and small commercial projects like restaurants, offices and hospitality projects.