Interior Paint Colour Consultation services

If you are struggling with your colour schemes and feel overwhelmed by the many paint colour choices on offer, try our interior paint colour consultation.

We often attend a renovation site as an interior paint colour consultant to help you choose the right wall paint colours, wallpaper and general colour schemes for the room.
Interior paint colour consultant services

If you love colour and feel overwhelmed by choice or your builder is pushing you for a decision, why not consider our colour consultation service? It’s simple, easy, affordable and adds an enormous amount of value. 

Read more about COLOUR PSYCHOLOGY IN INTERIORS and the importance of colour and the effect it has on the ambience and mood of the space.

The Detail

Initial kick-starter meeting online or on site. It’s great for getting started, sharing your challenges and drawing on our experience. We will answer and gather as many questions as we can in the time provided and make suggestions and recommendations accordingly for the next steps.


Our kick-starter consultancy services start at R1,500 for 1 hour. Our online meetings give you a further 30 minutes of follow-up calls.

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