Our Social Responsibility

Sparking Minds

In our industry we focus daily in surrounding ourselves with luxury items, an excess of material goods, furniture, equipment and things to make our lives more comfortable. However living in South Africa we are constantly reminded of those less fortunate than us. As our job requires us to strive for perfection and beautiful design every single day, we have also chosen not to forget those with much bigger daily problems.

We believe it starts with education and so, “Sparking Minds” was born to give these tiny little people a better chance in life. Helene-Marie (joint CEO of ReDress) and her son Raphael initiated the project out of their own pockets to re-build an existing creche in Knysna that due to lack of funds was literally crumbling to the ground.

Now, the creche has a board of 4 directors (Claire von Ribbeck (Joint CEO of ReDress, Helene-Marie, Raphael and Emma [the owner of the creche]…) and has been officially registered as a non-profit organisation called “Sparking Minds.”

Sparking Minds strives to help young children to live a joyous and colourful life while preparing them to enter their school career with a bright mind and a big smile on their faces.

The organisation is growing from strength to strength and aims to continue to develop new projects for providing safe and clean environments for young children through renovating and building crèches and dispensing crucial teaching skills to educators and facilitators, with a constant monitoring of the establishments and providing necessary equipment and other necessities required for the healthy development of the babies and younger children.

If our initiative interests you, please browse the Sparking Minds website and contact us for more information. As always, the biggest problem is funding and if you feel this is the charity for you, please do get in touch and help us to build better lives from the word “GO”!

In November 2019 Helene together with the help of various sponsors and donations (and personal hard graft) completed the extension of the creche so that the children now have a proper playground the images of which can be enjoyed below.