So now that we are all at home trying to organise our new daily routines, we thought it would be nice to start a little colour inspiration challenge; a simple, but fun project that we can all take part in.

We would be thrilled if you would join us by embarking on our 10 day / 10 colour journey and colour inspiration challenge.

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Colour Inspiration day-by-day

Everywhere you look around your home, you will find something that you may have never noticed before. There is colour inspiration everywhere amongst your own belongings and these can all be neatly arranged into in order to create your own little mini mood boards. You may be planning a refurbishment or decor project later on in the year and will need colour inspiration at that point in time so why not start now with what you already have and love in your home?

Remember, that most of us do not living in fancy show-homes; our homes are made to be lived in (even more so, in these troubled times).

This is why you want to ensure that the colour schemes you choose, reflect your own taste and way of life.

Please share your ideas with us all day-by-day, so that we can all benefit from each-other’s ideas. Simply follow our Facebook and Instagram accounts to look out for our new days’ colour inspiration from inside our own homes. Each of these will eventually added to this post so that you can refer back here at any point if you miss any.

Here’s what to do …Start on your own colour inspirational journey…

  1. Choose a colour a day to focus on – you can use the same pallet as we have, for that day or choose your own!
  2. Wander through your home and gather together any of your favourite objects, magazine cuttings, surface textures and fabrics that you feel go well with your focus colour – remember don’t be shy – there is no wrong or right!
  3. Create a mini mood-board by simply placing everything onto a table top, floor or other surface and take a picture from above of what you have collected.
  4. Upload your image and share it with us onto our Facebook page, either as a comment to our posts or by the “Write something on this page” field which allows you to upload your image and we will then receive it as a visitors post and publish it.
  5. Feel free to comment on our mood boards and ask questions about mixing colours – we are here to help!

So here we go…

Day 1

Soft pink Colour Inspiration

For this first day, we have chosen a soft colour palette, that induces calm and peace. The delicate hints of pinkish powder, tones of biscuit and aged yellow-gold blend seamlessly, and could be used very nicely in both bedrooms and bathrooms. By adding some natural materials and textures we introduce tones of pale wood, sea grass to lift the pale colour scheme.

Day 2:

Green Colour inspiration
Today we are experimenting with green variations. The greens shown in this palette are more mid-tone greens, yet vibrant. Greens rejuvenate, replenish and uplift the spirit.

Think back to the last time you walked through a forest or spent time in nature and think back to how it made you feel. Incorporating natural materials in your home like raw wood, rattan and bamboo is a simple way to soften your interiors and these work very well with greens.

Mid-tones, Herbaceous greens, such as pea-shoot or spearmint will invigorate any space and they are lovely tones to feature in your living room.

Green is also a very easy color to work with. Pinks and greens work beautifully together, yellows and greens also compliment each other, but don’t let the yellow dominate your scheme, it should be introduced as a small detail like a lampshade, candle or stripe on a cushion. Have fun with your greens and uplift your day!

Day 3

Brown Colour Inspiration

From a length of string to a cube of chocolate, seek out natural colours in your home; un-dyed, unprocessed and uniquely imperfect.

Look around and see all the humble shades of brown that are infused with warmth and honesty for today’s colour inspiration challenge. Pick anything from a treasured wooden box of trinkets, leather accessories or a collection of feathers and shells. They all carry the same sense of simplicity. When you play with a natural palette it is really important to seek out different textures that create layers within your interior scheme.

Using these gentle colors together will add tranquility to your home. Celebrate the natural imperfections in everyday objects.

Rustic touches of rattan or distressed wood give a comforting feeling to more contemporary interiors.

Try to add metal or glass (copper, rose-gold or brass) for “glow”. If this speaks to you, maybe now is the time to gather together these rattan boxes, baskets, sea shells or old wooden cutting boards that are  lying around to create a story somewhere in your living area; a story that, layer upon layer, of surface and texture will bring comfort and character to your home.

Day 4:

Yellow Colour inspiration

Today’s colour is bright and fun! We are letting in the sunshine with yellow.

Yellow can be “zingy” like lemons or sweet like honey and for today’s post we have chosen to play with the “zing” of lemon. Yellow is rebellious and care-free and fills us with joy and exuberant optimism. In Essence, yellow is the celebration of life, and now we need it more than ever!
your home you can add yellow to your interiors in unexpected ways to give the space an upbeat edge.

Even if it is just yellow cups in your kitchen, a chair or stool in a bedroom or a desk lamp in your office! If you are generally a little “colour-shy,” try just to introduce an inexpensive bright accent into a neutral scheme and see how you feel about it. Get used to it before you spend any real money. We love mixing red and bright yellow; it is very invigorating and exciting, so use it with caution.

These two colors are also often found in their warmer tones in Indian (particularly Rajasthan), artisanal fabric or in bohemian-style rugs and will bring a bohemian-chic look to any room. Now go explore your home and find anything yellow that inspires you!

Day 5:

Orange Colour Inspiration

Today, we talk about a colour that is full of heat; Orange. To be honest Helene had to look around quite extensively to find orange in her home except for one or two very special Hermès boxes that she loves dearly (just as much as what is inside!!), but that is another story!
Orange can be found in earthy colours with cinnamon and terracotta undertones, the colour of autumn leaves or the brownish tone of cognac, but it can also be more vibrant and full of “glow” and like the fruit, marigolds or a fiery sunset.

The inbetween tones of orange would be apricot, pale peach or coral that we seem to often see in interior schemes. These mid tones are very easy to mix with cool shades like a blueish green, pale blue or lavender grey. Tints of deep blue also work beautifully on woodwork and doors against the rich orange walls.

Orange is known to boost appetite and mood, so using orange as an accent in a kitchen or dining area wall is always a great idea. It is also the colour of trust! Mixing different shades of orange invokes a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. If you are looking to create a sophisticated look, then use paler tones of orange. On the contrary, earthy burnt orange, terracotta tones bring rusticity and authenticity to the home such as clay and terracotta which have been used since antiquity, in and around the house.

These tones are homely and comforting and also work well in the kitchen and bathroom. If you prefer a neutral and natural ambience, try to add some copper accessories to your warm greys and browns which should give you a very pleasing and comforting effect.

Day 6

Blue Colour inspiration

Today, we are looking at the sky and feel inspired by Blue. Blue exudes positivity, calm and confidence.

We now understand why Classic Blue has been voted colour of the year by Pantone! We didn’t know at the time, but we know now, that we need a lot of positivity, calm and confidence in our lives, so let’s dive in! Everyday of our lives, we are confronted by a visual overload, and it is crucial that when we are in our private places, we bring a sense of calm and peace, and Blue is the perfect colour for that. Blue is what we call a cool colour but it doesn’t have to be cold or make the room feel cold; it is actually quite the contrary.

If you would like to create a restful ambience, choose diluted blue hues. If you choose to use blue in a bathroom, you can get away from the “cool” feel by mixing lighter and deeper tones of blue and that will prevent your bathroom from feeling too cold. You can also incorporate an element of nature with biscuit tints (for example in a wooden vanity top or mirror frame) to create a more balanced atmosphere.

Blue and white form a classic colour combination, both in our home and in our wardrobes. This combination reminds one of the seaside, but it should also take you back, centuries ago, when Indigo was rare and sought-after in the West. From African dogon cloth to Japanese indigo fabrics, this exotic plant dye is experiencing a revival for its natural quality and intense colour. Using it in your home brings luxurious depth to your interiors. If you want to use dark shades of blue, they work perfectly in a stairwell and small entrance as it will make them look larger. Then bring in contrast using a vibrant magenta or a strong floral print into the detail.

Day 7 

Grey Colour Inspiration

Now let’s talk about grey! Grey can range from dark charcoal to a light mist…
Grey has been a huge trend in the world of interiors for the past 5 years at least – we say enough now!. We have literally used it everywhere from outdoor walls to floor and wall tiles and from fabrics to kitchen cupboards. Grey is timeless, elegant, classic and enduring and the reason we use it so much is that it blends effortlessly into both traditional and modern schemes.

Although grey has been a great “go-to” color, we should pay more attention to the different hues of grey because a grey that contains too much ice blue or lilac will make a room very unwelcoming. When using grey paint, it is important that you test it out in different areas of your room as dark areas or too much light can make your grey appear even colder and flatter.

Bright and bolder colour accents should be used with care when combined with grey as a main colour. If you are planning to use patterned fabrics with grey, keep them geometric and simplistic. If you plan on using charcoal, try and bring some accents into the accessories, like a dusky rose, deep bordeaux red, or warm gold.

Curate a collection of objects with colors that tie into your chosen palette and create a “cabinet de curiosites” effect. Layering is important when using grey and will bring a sense of luxury into your home. On the other hand, if you prefer more on the minimalist greys, use lighter tones and mix with metal, marble and granite.

Day 8

Purple Colour inspiration

Today we want to talk about an often forgotten colour in interior schemes, purple!

As much as we generally like purple in a bunch of flowers or in a punnet of berries, we find it difficult to use purple in interiors. But we love it!

Purple is the color of mystery, magic and fairy tales but has also been associated with royalty, indulgence and privilege. I must say when I looked around my home, the only place I found purple was in my necklaces  love the amethyst!), bangles, fabrics and clothing.

In Victorian times, mauve and lavender were colours of half-mourning and are still today associated with women of a certain age although younger generations are using lighter shades of lilac.

When used in an interior scheme, stay away from pinkish lavender tones, unless you want to paint a wall in your baby’s nursery. Rather consider using grey-toned, bluish lilac, and mulberry shades, then layer them with sage or greenish greys.

But decorating should be an extension of oneself, so don’t be afraid to use unexpected shades as an injection of colour where it is least expected and it will put a smile back on your face! Look around you for inspiration. 

A piece of raw amethyst is the best example. If you look at it closely it has hues from pinkish lavender to deep violet and even golden shades on the outside. So you can copy that in your interior scheme adding metallic (gold, copper) or glass accessories to your purple scheme.

Purple is everywhere in nature from the underside of a leaf to a vibrant beetroot so by bringing botanical prints in wall papers or into your scatter cushions, you can feel some connection with nature again.

Day 9

White Colour inspiration

We are nearing the end of our colour inspiration journey through your home and it wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t talk about white. When we picture white we often visualise the crisp, clean white of bed sheets or a white wall but there is much more to white than a blank canvas. Like no other color, white enhances the sense of space and brightens the area in which it is used. That‘s the reason why white white is often seen as the safest option. The problem with white is that it also makes a room look cold, harsh and sometimes clinical. If you love white, try and mix gentle hues of off-whites like chalk, parchment, bleached linen, ecru. It will soften the effects of light reflecting off it.Think about adding artwork to your walls to create interest in your “colorless scheme” and although we are not a big fan of white mono schemes, we find it easy to incorporate pattern and decorative items into white schemes which shows that whites are anything but boring!

Remember like all neutral, pale colour schemes, it is important to add texture to for increasing depth to your interiors. So see which ones of these combinations appeal to you the most and let us know.

Faded summer blues and greyish weathered white will transport you to your last holiday in Paternoster. Faded turquoise and seafoam green will also lift your whites and transport you to Zanzibar. Brown and white as a refreshing alternative to the classic black and white, will transport you to the classical bush retreat. And black and white will give you a striking and timeless effect, bold and dramatic,… like you have just walked in an elegant Victorian hotel in London.

Day 10

Colour Inspiration – Reds

To end our color inspiration journey, we have chosen a very passionate, energetic, exuberant, confident and powerful color – reds! In China, red is associated with good fortune. In India, red symbolizes joy, life and creativity. And around the world it is safe to say that red represents an elemental energy – fire, anger but also, joy and LOVE. But how do we use red best in interiors?…..

Red is often used to create a bold look, mixing it, for exemple, with a bright azure green. If you want to create a more naive theme, try and add a blue and a white to your red (with stripes or geometric patterns).

For those of you (like me) who are drawn to bright colors, but not adventurous enough to fill in an entire room with striking shades, try and use red in the detail or accents of red in cutlery, glasses, cups, tea light holders, vases, cushions – to add personality to your interiors. Red is also amazing when painted onto small items of furniture and in a high gloss enamel paint. This is especially effective if you have a dark and gloomy corner that needs special attention.

And here we are at the end of our glorious colour Journey. We truly hope you had as much fun as we did and that it has helped you re-discover some of the little decor items around your home that you have overlooked for so long, and that you now feel more confident to try and test some new colour combinations at home.

We also thank IMMENSLY those that have taken part and shared their inspiration with us. 

You can still continue to add more over the next days if you missed a day or want to keep playing. We will continue to comment and advise where we can.