Home design tips; Choosing the right scheme for each room

These home design tips are really important when it comes to your own home design projects. Choosing the right color scheme for each room is critical to get right. Choosing the right paint color for the walls and the right scheme for each room can be very difficult and it needs some careful consideration and thought.

Decorating a guest room or cloakroom for example gives you the opportunity to release your inner creativity using color schemes that you may not always feel daring enough to use in other every-day rooms like your main living room or kitchen where you might feel you need to be more controlled.

Here’s some home design tips to consider when planning your scheme…

Look to nature!
Home design tips; Get Inspiration from natureWhich colors work together and which don’t? We find that a good starting point for beginners is to look first to nature! If you find a crazy mix of color that works for you, then it will also work in your home! A palette like this is exciting, vibrant and happy! Use the sage green on the walls, the light beige for your carpets, a yellow on your bedspread and the fuchsia and deep burgundy for your scatter cushions. Voila, you have the perfect bohemian color scheme!

Functionality and space planning
Home Design Tips; Space planningWhen planning your home design schemes think about the functionality of the room. Use our space planning guidelines  to plan the layout of the room first. Think carefully of the uses of the room. Does it need to be a calm room for relaxing or sleeping in or does the room need to feed creativity or inspire your hobbies? Does it need special light in certain places? Map out the room properly and then choose the right colour palettes according to the activity for that room.

Position and Location
Home Design Tips; North facing in South Africa allows for sunny roomsConsider the rooms position and whether it is facing North or South because this will also affect the scheme that you choose. If a room gets a lot of sun in a hot country, you may either wish to cool it down using a cooler palette or you may wish to enhance the reflection of light even more with warm colors, like we did here.

Make a Mood board
Home Design tips, Make a Mood boardFinally, put everything together in one place and create a mood board. It is the most important element of your final home design project, not only to visualize everything together but also to share your ideas with other members of the household and get their buy-in. Believe me, it will make the whole building site a much happier place if everyone is singing off the same song sheet and working to the same goal.

At ReDress we provide a design consultancy service if you need more help.

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